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Re: Help identifying an ascendant from personality and appearance only (no birth time

Given day, month and year of birth

with preferably an APPROXIMATE hour of birth

then it is possible to use rectification to find the likely ascendant

RECTIFICATION TIPS discussion thread is at

guessing is fun but unreliable

Originally Posted by Astrologygirl19 View Post
I’m wondering if someone can please help me guess what kind of ascendant my friend is? Trying to figure out based on Appearance and what I know about his personality. Don’t have birth time.

Appearance: short but oh my god handsome, every girl falls for him, he could look at you and you’d immediately forgive him. Brown pretty boy hair (type that waves to the side on his head). Amazing smile, even tho he has a big gap between his two front teeth and the teeth stick out a little. Makes it incredibly handsome looking. Beautiful blue eyes. Always tan. When we were younger he was athletic and as we’ve grown up he’s gotten much more slender and older looking in his eyes. He dresses well but mainly because his parents buy him nice clothes. Wide necked, large ears. Kind of circular face, high round cheekbones. Dimples.

Rest of chart:
Sun- Leo
moon - Sag
Mercury - cancer
Venus - Gemini
Mars - Virgo

You would think his initial disposition would be very fiery (Leo + Sag), but he’s too charming and grounded seeming. He is not a dominant force even tho you can tell hes very comfortable with himself like a Leo. When we first met he assertively and sweetly introduced himself, offering up his name, and was curious in asking questions and getting to know me. He is very good at making friends with strangers, and can work a room, but he does it in a discreet way, and he only ever finds the people at the party that nobody else is talking to, like he will be in a room with his best friends and spend the entire time talking to the bartender or waiter. He definitely prefers convos with strangers. His best friend is more likely to be a sports coach than someone our age.

He can be very reserved. He had a reputation in college for being a loner. He can be found wandering alone taking photos, and he’s most content that way (I think sag moon). When there’s conflict he won’t get involved, and stays on the sidelines, or if he does have to get involved he calmly states what he believes the issue is really about (which is usually right). He is calming. He honestly just has a quiet yet confident presence. Charming but not dominating. Engaging but not like a Gemini would be. He most importantly, no matter how awkward you might think he would feel, handles himself with enormous grace. Even when he and I have been on bad terms he will still give me a smile and a hug and welcome me with grace, but still a cool grace that just has a hint of amiability. He is not the life of the party, would prefer to go to the same local bar and play darts. Nothing about him is at all judgmental or unkind. He is patient and appears to be very compassionate even if he cares little.

He definitely is a cancer mercury because the way he speaks is kind and intuitive. He’s exceptionally good at reading his surroundings and pinpointing exactly how someone is feeling, even if you don’t tell him or are trying to hide how you feel. He also is a master at manipulating and quite honest and apologetic about it.

His Instagram is an equal dosage of photography, sky diving, golf, & his gf
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