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Re: What in a natal chart shows that someone has a nasty bad side?

Another Mars square Pluto in here
I get angry so rarely. It happened just 3 times in my life till now.

I am not physically violent at all (including those 3 times).
However my cousin who has been abused physically and emotionally since a child and fights (physically) on a daily basis with lots of people, has lost his sense of fear a long time ago. He git si terrified that one time I got angry at him, hr still tells me he lost his **** after so many years. He remembers it as am exciting experience because he was able to feel fear. lol

The other was with my aunt.. I wasn't angry at her I was just talking to her (on the phone) about someone who made me angry (betrayal). We're very close with her since we were kids, she knows me well, she loves me and trusts me so do I. That day she told me she was terrified and wanted to hang up. I could sense she was scared. She told me she would have passed out if she was talking to me face to face.

I guess it's the immense energy, the fact that I'm not violent orally or physically makes it even more scary so does the fact that I'm generally a compassionate person (Neptune and Cancer overloaded chart) on the chill/detached side (add a little bit of Uranus in the mix).

None of the ines I got angry to felt afraid of me harming them physically
it's just that the vibes I emit are probably too intense and probably "dark" and the energy is overwelming them.

Aries Moon is a joke. They are angry all the time and it's never their fault for anything lol.

I believe Plutonian first and then Neptunian people are the ones who can be more sneaky. However Neptune tends to make the person more pure than evil most often than not.

Heavy Aqua and Aries or afflicted by Uranus Mars paired with an Aqua/Aries Moon may make someone physically violent.
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