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Re: What in a natal chart shows that someone has a nasty bad side?

Hmm, this is very descriptive of my father. Honestly the most terrifying angry person I've ever witnessed. I wouldn't describe his anger as strategic, just extremely intimidating. When he's really worked up his voice is like a blood curdling scream. It's a level of anger that I don't think most people experience. But it's not a regular thing at all, I'm sure most people who know him have never seen that. He is Capricorn sun square Aries moon. He also has Mars square Pluto, I know another man with the same aspect and even just between those 2 people I feel relatively confident saying that aspect gives a person a nasty temper. Not that they go around treating everything and everyone badly, but that they have a certain side of them and when it comes out it's not pretty.

Here's my father's chart if you care to investigate more of his aspects:

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