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What in a natal chart shows that someone has a nasty bad side?

Meaning they are usually the kind that don't get mad often or get angry often but the times they do, it is hell to pay and then some for whoever or whatever has pushed them to that point. Here are my thoughts.


Earth signs for sure, especially Virgos and Taurus. I feel like these signs are generally slower to anger and can deal with a lot but once it gets to that point, they are almost strategic in their approach with anger which makes them scarier than anything. Capricorn gets an honorable mention here, I mean it is exalted in Mars but associations with Mars are not that beneficial and here is why.

I feel like signs that are domiciled in Mars (Aries and Scorpio) naturally get angry and are always looking for confrontation because that is how Mars operates. Mars in general is the aggressor whether in Aries or Scorpio, always going around looking for someone to bully, target, or push around.

My thoughts are in a typical scenario, someone with an Aries or Scorpio heavy chart would go around picking the fight but an earth sign that has had enough would be the one to finish it.

I feel like Air signs are the same as the earth signs as well and more detached to their emotions, hence more strategic.

I don't think fire signs really have a bad side to them in general, they are all joyful types that move on and get over stuff fast.

I do not see signs that are naturally aggressive and the type to go around picking fights to actually get to that point.


I think any aspect involving moon, sun, pluto, and saturn would serve as deadly.
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