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Re: Transits and Natal Stellium

It's said that dreams are a way of bringing unsconsciously experienced situations 'to mind' as it were. The situation of the dream itself can find a link with astro. symbolism. Often transiting planets to natal are suggestive of the theme. Transiting moon is invariably involved.

Dreams are a 12th house experience of the intangible reality. Mercury is ruler of the 12th house in the chart. The transit chart is made for the midnight hour (U.T 0.00), so this may or may not coincide with the actual time the dream occured wherever you live. That would be of importance in dream interpretation.

The natal Moon-Mercury conjunction in Pisces sextile natal Neptune in Capricorn would suggest a natural strong sensitivity towards the experiences of the rationally unseen/unexplainable. Induced trance states and alternate sense of reality would not be uncommon.

During the day of the dream transit Mercury retrograde was exactly conjunct natal M.C., separating from the opposition to natal Neptune.
Transiting Moon was in the 8th house, having formed a square aspect to natal Saturn and a sesquisquadrate (135*) to natal Neptune. Saturn-Neptune form a natal semi-square.
You may have experienced a sense of something occuring, without being able to explain why (no Air links in chart).

As Neptune spends a long time transiting over any degree in a house and, furthermore, makes no aspect to natal planets, I don't think it is 'responsible' for the content of the dream.

Mercury brings messages that, in its retrograde state, may not have consciously registered with you or you prefer not to notice. It turns direct again during the week and will cross M.C. again. This would seem to be of importance. It will be interesting to hear whether what was felt and/or imagined (Cancer influence), and experienced through a dream, becomes a reality.

My favourite saying: 'A dream is the answer to the question you haven't yet thought to ask': (Mulder, X-Files)
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