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Re: Stelliums

Originally Posted by Asteria532 View Post
I've only just started to learn about astrology, within the past few months or so, when I came across an interesting term: Stellium. I learned that a Stellium within a sign/ house can exacerbate the energies of that placement (Planets, Signs, and Houses). I have a Stellium in Pisces (Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn), and a Stellium in the Sixth house (Sun, Moon, and Mercury). Could I have some feedback on a basic interpretation or analysis? Or would I need to give a bit more info?
You should post your chart in the Read My Chart forum!

I also have Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Pisces, but all of them are in my 2nd house.

How do you think it affects you?

Why did you choose the numbers 532?

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