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Originally Posted by Ophiuchus94 View Post
You're welcome. I just want to add an update about Saturn in the 1st/12th house conjunct the ascendant. It makes a difference of course, but from the post you wrote I can say for sure in both ways it's a mental thing, 1st house would be that you are more aware of it and 12th would be hidden deep fears of change. Saturn in the first house means figuring who you are later in life, probably after 1st Saturn return if you allow Saturnian lessons to teach you some things you need to learn without fighting to reach your comfort zone again. At this moment, and by the way I am born on December 15 1994, so I have most of the planets in the same signs as you, you are probably not ready to decide where you really want to go. My Saturn is in the 4th house and today I am in a process of leaving my birth country. I totally understand what you mean.
Awww I'm so glad someone resonates haha. You prolly have similair aspects as mine. Yeah I definitely cant figure out where I want to settle but that's not an issue. Too young to figure that out. And yeah i definitely have fears of change conscious or subconscious. I've spent quite a long time in isolation to figure out my fears but its just not worth it. I'm definitely trying to be a good student haha. I've somewhat mastered most of my Saturn and the lesson it wants to teach me. It feels more like teaching me to stand my own ground and be my own person. That's what I've gotten so far.
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