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Re: Does my chart support foreign settlements?


First of all, this question is good, and it's only about supporting, not about your destiny or control of your life. Astrology is a tool which tells us which way to go, but it doesn't mean we cannot change it and go left instead of "right". Jupiter in the 9th house in Sagittarius is already a strong position for going abroad (if we consider it as a ruler of the 9th house in his own house), but I would say you need to finish something having to do with yourself and your personality, to find out what you really wanna do in life, because you cannot run from yourself (Saturn in the first house which squares both Jupiter and Pluto), plus something with your job (or even health) because of squares to Mars in the sixth. There should be some transformations (Pluto) when it comes to your personality, job and even education, and this tranformations (including going abroad) may happen out of nowhere and quickly (Pluto sextile Uranus). But I would say if you dream about trying your life abroad - go for it. It may not be the country you wish for, but just take a chance.

Wish you best of luck!
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