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Re: Does my chart support foreign settlements?

Originally Posted by ardentika View Post
Isn't it Pluto? Who is conjunct Jupiter?
Pluto require you to wait 248 years for moving only 1 in mainstream astrology predictive tool. So, it doesn't make any sense to use these long orbit planets.

I always thought that SN in 2nd is pushing me to separate with my family and home land. I once moved abroad but I was too young and fearful.

Ever since love has always pushed me outside my country, so in a sense I've always felt destined to move away. Maybe not permanently as in my whole life, but for a long time at least. It just only made sense to me.

The only thing that has ever stopped me was the fear of letting go of the known and embracing the new. But fears don't last forever.

That's why I wondered if it's seen in my chart, and I'm quitely honestly confused that 2 people have said no, when It's been something I've always felt. I wonder who is wrong, me or the interpretations haha?
I'm not a psychiatrist and I recomend you to study this book : Christian Astrology by Sir William Lilly. It's available for free.
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