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Re: Jupiter square Saturn: Success comes in late life?

I also have this aspect in my chart. Not sure if this always indicates success later in life, it depends on what houses are involved, wouldn't you say?
Saturn is responsibility, limits and restrictions as well as self-discipline, while Jupiter is expansion, optimism, as well as religion and spiritual matters.
By no means is this the unluckiest, unfortunate, etc, aspect. There are lots of other contacts that can be more stressful and challenging.
Saturn is also authority figures, not necessarily the father who is represented by the 4th (or 10th, depending. There isn't universal agreement on this one).
In your case, mars and Venus would be the significators of your parents.
A Saturn square Jupiter could also mean conflicts regarding spiritual matters, for example religion. Also, exaggerated enthusiasm, lack of self control. Governing your 1st and 2nd houses it effects your handling of money matters. And self-esteem.
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