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Re: Anger!!!!!!!!,!!!,!!,!,

Originally Posted by may28gemini View Post
Even though Cap Mars is exalted, in some ways, I see them acting like Cancer Mars. Cap Mars show anger by suppressing anger. I think they were the ones who invented "the silent treatment" not as a way to "punish" others like Scorpio Mars would do, but rather to take the "moral high road." Cap Mars must have invented the rule of "silence is golden" as well. Suppressing anger does have effects... it has to go somewhere... including up. I've read that males with Cap Mars really like to be in difficult personal situations because that way they can do what they do best: overcome adversary. When the going gets tough, the tough gets a hard-on. Very fitting for your ex.

------------>interesting points! Especially regarding repressed anger needing an outlet.

I was married to a Cancer Mars, but his was located in the 11th house and he has a 12th house Sun is in Leo squaring Scorpio Moon in the 3rd. He's NOT as bad as your two examples or the "typical" male with Cancer Mars. To be fair to him, he has Moon trine Mars which softens the indirect viciousness that Cancer Mars is capable of, but at the end of the day, my ex busted a bad move; had an emotional affair and couldn't face up to the fact that I ended up hating him for it. I had calmly asked him about it 4 times to which he denied of anything beyond friendship until I drastically exposed both him and his coworker's email exchanges (it's actually rated G but his coworker talked smack about me to him and he didn't defend me which is the source of my anger) and threw that in his face which shocked him because he no longer denied it but he was in complete self-denial about what was going on up until that point. Between me and him, I'm really the cruel one... by a long shot. My Mars-Chiron conjunction in the 8th is totally out for blood when wronged. The manner of how I confronted him was pretty evil (even by my standards). I totally do understand why Cancer Mars for males takes major tolls on his masculinity by making him a coward and not being able to face things... well, like a man. After my divorce, I learned more about astrology and I refuse to bother with any guy that has a debilitated Mars.
-------> haha I'm a little curious to know how you confronted him! Please do tell!

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