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Re: Facial features and doubt about my ascendant... help

I am glad you think I've been helpful.

An Australian astrologer suggested that different people respond better or worse to different house systems. I suspect this is true for the sidereal vs. tropical zodiacs, also. In the typical form of western tropical astrology my chart is mostly in air and fire signs, which I think is correct. In sidereal astrology, my planets move into mostly earth and water signs. It makes a big difference!

The most common form of sidereal astrology is Hindu (Vedic) and they also have somewhat different readings of the signs than westerners do.

Either way, I think the aspects between planets in a chart are the most important things to interpret, and these will not change between the sidereal and tropical zodiacs.

I would suggest you spend some time with your chart, ask for a Vedic reading, and then see which zodiac and house system suits you best.

In terms of the sun, just ask yourself, How do I feel most like myself? The sun is your core sense of identity. The sign shows how, or in what manner, the sun operates.
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