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Re: Facial features and doubt about my ascendant... help

Excellent extensive comment... thank you very very much, waybread. I'm sorry I do not speak English the best and I can not write longer seriously comments... well I can, but I do not want to make me look ridiculous because of poor grammar .

Just one more question- in sidereal natal, I have a Sun and Moon in cancer. How relevant is that? I heard that the western and sidereal astrology are equally suitable. But I don't feel like a Cancer. On the contrary, everyone says that I have traits that are typically the lion's share.
But, whether this difference between my western natal chart and sidereal means that in theory I can not be a typical Leo... or what?
btw, i think that the interpretation of a sun sign characteristics are not the same in the western and sidereal horoscope. Or am I wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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