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I think any planet that comes into contact with mars, pluto or saturn can be violent. I think the opposition is a worse aspect because with the square a lot of the anger is suppressed, but with the opposition it is expressed outwardly towards others.
I agree with you on planets coming into contract to Mars have potential for violence and when personal planets come into contact with Pluto can express controlled, seething anger but as far as Saturn is concerned, I think you're wrong on that. Saturn is representative of control, morality, restraint and wouldn't result in violence but rather, at worst-distance/coldness/neglect/rejection (possibly all in that order).

As for aspects with Mars or Pluto, I think opposition is really more rotten and dangerous than the square. I know. I have Mars opposite Uranus... I'm easily provoked and when I engage in a fight, I fight dirty. Fortunately that is an "in-person" sort of thing since my Mars is Taurus (earth bound) and largely favors concrete battles over abstract. When it comes to arguments of philosophical nature, I could care less. I would think that Moon opposite Pluto would play a lot of emotional-psychological games against those that anger them... something like fake pregnancy during a breakup and then telling the would-be father, "I aborted your child" just to destroy the guy's constitution. That's really playing dirty.

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