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Re: Anger!!!!!!!!,!!!,!!,!,

I had a boyfriend for awhile who had a Grand Cross involving part mutable and part fixed Moon, Mercury, Mars(mutable signs) Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto(fixed). My poor Venus fell right into the middle of all this and I noticed his ex wife and daughter also had personal planets fall into the Cross pattern as well. Much of what you all described I could see in him. The interesting part, he came across as very mild mannered and easy going(Virgo Rising) at the start. Eventually I came to find a very fixed and determined person who had diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive disorder along with narcolepsy. He was very practical and although very disorganized in some things, very organized in others which was curious. He also did not change his opinions very easily and had a problem loving the women who loved him(his mother was very rejecting and he felt very unloved by her) so no surprise. On the flip side, he was an incredibly gifted artist, worked out and ran regularly, had an Masters degree in Engineering/IT and fun to be around. By and large, one of the more complex people I have ever dated. If I saw this configuration again in the natal chart of someone I started dating I would probably not go there to be honest. We all have our difficult aspects, but this was just too much.

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