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Re: Anger!!!!!!!!,!!!,!!,!,


Anger is a powerful emotion.

To astrologically study anger issues, we must have ready in our heads the basic meanings of the planets to be able to connect the dots.

Moon = an inward energy of emotions and inner balance (this is what first gets ruffled up to trigger anger)
Mars = heat and action, an outward energy that vents emotions. If Mars were not there, we would be like a balloon that gets overfilled with gas and the only outlet is that it bursts and completely collapses

Hence v important to look at the Moon in the study of anger, as it will give away a lot.

Mars-Moon aspects show a fairly excited nature, in general, as both planetary energies are connected and disturbed emotions (Moon) more easily will vent themselves (Mars helps) more easily, so tendency to easily flare up is there more naturally. Moon without Mars is more submissive

Now, supposing a person has a Moon-Mars basis in their natal chart, (similar effect, if progressed Mars were to be on natal Moon), let us see how then the outer planets and Saturn, which have the power to overpower Mars, will shape the picture/persona.

>add to that Mars-Moon a Uranus aspect => outbursts can happen in most unexpected moments, and in fairly unexpected ways. I had a friend, whose husband (with these aspects) used to hurt her physically at times in those 'intimate' moments to avenge himself, but not verbally abuse (despite a Plu-Mer). That Ura added a sort of a perverse thrill to those angry emotions. Some others with these three planets in aspect cannot control their anger/emotions (Moon-Mars) and the Ura aspect often causes them to trip/fall/have accidents more often. Carelessness takes over.
Without Mars, Ura-Moon would basically be an unstable emotional nature as one of the effects

>add to the Moon-Mars a Pluto aspect now, it will make for a vengeant nature. If one has been hurt, the main aim is then to harm or hurt that someone (not just throw a tantrum or get loud/easily excited). There is an aspect of cruelty attached here. This will not be a person that fists a table often, but one that breaks a table into two once in a blue moon. This is a destructive anger of a volcano quality.
Just Moon-Pluto (w/o Mars) would often be an obssessive-compulsive nature, not-letting-go (positively said: deep/loyal emotions), perhaps even a 'grudging nature' (difficulty in forgiving/forgetting), a jealous nature. Plu-Mars is a slow-simmering anger of a Sco nature

>add to the Moon-Mars a Neptune aspect this time, that will mellow down/dissolve the anger energy somewhat as Nep often does. The person will feel like doing something, but will sort of 'lose' that anger inside. He will try and 'martyr' it out. These are those that will whine alot, not in cry-baby way, but often bicker and nag and try to put the other on a massive guilt trip.

>add to the Moon-Mars a Saturn aspect, it can make a person 'stiffen up' a lot. These are people that will become very rigid - physically (like joints stifen up, they turn violet with anger, but all the while, its energy first bottling up, since Sat will not easily let it out). I have this and you can take this verbatim. Saturn wants to curb and control, Mars wants to 'throw it out'. There is often an inner turmoil/clash of the two. Saturn-Mars can also sometimes become a very cruel way of letting one's emotions out (think of Hitler), esp if Mars is in a fixed sign (which makes it even more stubborn/not giving up, come what may)

Important is also to see the sign of that Mars. Example, that same Saturn will have more difficulties 'taming' or restraining a (strong) Mars in Aries, which 'spurts' out that angered energy or lava at the drop of a hat. Still, a Sat or Nep aspect makes an Aries Mars 'weaker' (in its volatile capacity) than, if that Aries Mars were left on its own. A (weak) Cancer Mars or a well-channelled and controlled Cap Mars is better to get a grip on for Sat

Signwise, and not considering aspects now, fire-sign Mars are most easily excitable, but the excitement (anger) is easily vented and forgotten. They may get loud and bossy (think of Aries and Leo), or overdo things (Sag) but will often normalise then. Air signs are somewhat similar, may be less physical and more verbal, but will also easily forget. But with both, anger is quick, fire - more heated. Watery Mars like Cancer and Pisces are slow to anger and have a passive way of expressing their anger. They won't be destructive, but act very hurt and let you know they haven't liked your (mis)doings. Sco is vengeant anger. Slow to anger, but will not let go till scores have been settled. Earth is yet another type of anger that is never easily forgotten. Very slow to anger like the bull, but once the bottled-up anger comes out, things get out of hand and pretty ugly. The Taurean rage or the hard Capricornian anger. Virgo has often a veil of shyness and coolness, but petty enough to have its own way.

This way, we can go on considering the various permutations and combinations possible, which will be 12 to the power of 12, mathematically speaking. Or, as someone said above, the whole chart should be studied, as one has to see the basic 'fabric' of a person.


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