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Re: Anger!!!!!!!!,!!!,!!,!,

Hi Vista,
"Moon and Pluto or Sun and Pluto?"

There's NO doubt that the smaller the planet the worse for wear from Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn.

Sun often "uses" the energy, where as Merc or Venus, etc, tends to be USED BY the energy of these titans.

I hate seeing Pluto in tight aspect with Moon or Venus or Mars.

The Sun will overcome a lot if it is moderately well placed and aspected.

And yeah, "wounded" is a great word. For these people to recover they need to first, be conscious of the truth of their beginnings, then work hard to overcome.
There are some people "geared to" becoming better .... working hard to make the most out of even small opportunities...both material and spiritual (emotional).
And then there are those who are trapped like a wounded animal who lives their life in what I term "survival mode." They have no chance. AND it has nothing to do with their status, financial or social position, personal charm...if a person is in survival mode (and usually Neptune is involved as co-conspirator) its takes titanic support and metamorphosis (Pluto) to affect a change to a person who is living a truly human life.
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