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Re: Anger!!!!!!!!,!!!,!!,!,

"It's been my personal dating experience men who have Mars in hard aspect to Uranus or Pluto(both in my generation) always have bad temper issues regardless of how nice and docile they originally appear"

Can't argue with your experience.
However, it does vary from chart to chart. Many men use this energy in work or athletics....of course some try to use drugs or alcohol to mellow themselves... which as we know can backfire.

We all have aspects that can give us big trouble at one time or another.
What we want to look for in a chart is something else (other positions or connected positive aspects) which will MODIFY those squares.

Also, sometimes (after the Saturn return) the person will have learned to be more conscious of this issue and have learned to "manage" it. Ideally...LOL

But it doesn't take long in that person's company to figure this out. It is sad when it's a generational issue.

And then there are people who "internalize" this energy...and have chronic issues of stomach, headaches, anxiety, back pain...etc. This all comes from not having a positive outlet for this gigantic energy.

Also want to add this: if the MOON is involved with this square there may be little hope that this person will ever be much different. Childhood issues with these aspects often are part of the habitual dynamic of the person later in life.

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