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Re: Anger!!!!!!!!,!!!,!!,!,

It's been my personal dating experience men who have Mars in hard aspect to Uranus or Pluto(both in my generation) always have bad temper issues regardless of how nice and docile they originally appear. Some have constructive outlets like my ex who was a long distance road biker and lifted weights, but he was still argumentative.

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Thanks Kukka
I'm wondering how well anger can be pinpointed in a chart? Generally I would of thought the same as you.
Feminine signs being mostly passive/aggressive in their anger, going underground and masculine sign being very avert with their anger.
BUT what if the chart has mostly masculine signs and mars is in a masculine sign but the person isn't expressing mars well and acts more passive/aggressive like a femmine sign is suggested.
So does someones mars show unstability if it goes to extremes, either too passive or too volatile.
If say someone had an aries mars conjunct pluto would you expect this person to be volatile or underground or both? Would this be a good representation of the way an aspect and sign should act or depending on other social factors would they suppress more and pluto would rule the roost, say if the mars/aries wasn't aloud to express itself properly and openly?
I guess theres a lot to to it and how can one see how mars is working for a client, one has no knowledge of?
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