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Re: I'm not really sure I'm getting a clear answer? (tarot)?

its important to know that divination is a human interpretation itself. with a certain moral sphere. although it adjusts to certain scenarios it cant say anything about truth, but personal occasion.

the ultimate lessons for example cannot be divinized, the entire morality of divination might be simply the super-ego of the subject and culture.

concrete situations can be deciphered since it is a a binary logic yes or no quantity. although future concrete situations are accounted the past concrete situations or current are easier to be sure of.

asking for a certain answer is also not the quantity of the answer. it can say yes go ahead, but doesnt tell you the outcome unless you ask still. it can say yes, but then other steps are taken for example.

there is a certain divide from temporality and the object. objects are not eternal they are geneaological. as well as a divide between giving all as knowing all, and knowing some.
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