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Re: I'm not really sure I'm getting a clear answer? (tarot)?

yeah one card is pimp. its cool to use with astrology for example go to a transit date then ask the question what is here. it then gives you an image of a certain state you might encounter.

take in to mind that tarot uses a dialectical process as well that doesn't necessarily see situations from one perspective, but multiple perspectives. the multiplicity.

reverse cards are fine the system changes, but it sometimes gets confusing if you dont know which way is up.

you can ask for several images from the situation, but you shouldnt change the answer after making sure its the right one. after one or two cards usually.

the tarot can play certain moody tricks on you as well as have double explanations. the tarot can be wrong from previous dates when circumstances change. its important to review the topic and the crux then ask the question again while thinking about the possible factors. it can then assure you towards changing your answer or not. if it is making a criticism or trickery or telling you that your engaging in trickery it is probably to try to change your course for the better.

it takes practice and experience to intuit the images, and a couple of readings wont do much for you. it is only when you engage it many times when the answer becomes automatic.
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