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Re: Interference

Originally Posted by iwonder View Post
I read that when two significators are coming to an aspect, but a third planet is perfecting an aspect with the slower significator first, it is called interference and means the answer is No.

I've seen that happen in horaries more than once.

How about a faster significator aspecting another planet on its way to the slower significator?

What's your experience on that?

Can you give an example? I mean, the third planet will always be faster, to one degree or another, in order to interfere with the promised aspect of the main significators.

Say, Jupiter is 10 degrees Capricorn applying by conjunction to Saturn at 12 degrees of Capricorn. However, Venus is zooming through Pisces at 9 degrees. She will sextile Jupiter first so the conjunction cannot happen.

Now, if she was at 11 degrees, this could be considered translation of light and use it to strengthen the conjunction since Venus is symbolically carrying the light of Jupiter to Saturn. Or, if she is a significator, Saturn could be collecting the light of both Jupiter and Venus, symbolically bringing them back together.

It's all a play on who the significators are in the chart and how they relate to one another. You have to figure that out before you can call an aspect frustration or prohibition or collection or translation.
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