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Re: Looking back - can a cycle of ups & downs in a life be seen?

Originally Posted by hebetude View Post
I'm looking back from my great age of 58 years old, and thinking about my life, the choices I made and the periods where things were desperately going wrong.

Can these periods be seen in a chart?

At 18/19 I was married to someone who ultimately became a notorious criminal in Canada, recently deported. I moved to England to get away from him. That was around 1980 ish. Maybe earlier.

In 1999 I had another terrible relationship, a life disrupting time. It almost destroyed me, and was hot on the heels of a 16 year marriage break up in 1997/8.

In 2009/10 so much happened - my dad passed away and I lost an important job. I found a series of random and generally soul destroying jobs ... a pattern until June 2019 --> when I may have found the best job I'll ever have, and now life seems stable.

I'm so used to terribly bad luck, probably due to poor choices I now recognize, but I'm worried an anvil is going to fall from the sky.

I would be grateful if anyone can see patterns in my chart and possibly tell me where to stand when that anvil falls, if you hear me. I'm waiting for it.

Thanks for any insights.

I'll attach my natal chart from astrodienst.


After 27 long years your mental desire will be to come out of being proactive.

This change will happen from age 60 when you will look for opportunities to share your wisdom and experience gained over the years!

Yes, it was always a period of much responsibility with the desire for perfection......... more than a bit tough for you not having the grace of easy luck.......

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