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Stellium and Lilith in 8th house

Hey everyone.. Maybe you can shed some light on these natal placements and aspects:

I have 8th house stellium, including Lilith in 8th house, and Venus square Pluto.

Would this attract a lot of Scorpio types (suns, moons, Venus, and mars, etc)?
Iíve noticed I attract a ton of them and Iím especially attracted to Moon in Scorpios more so than Sun or Venus. I have a really tough time with lunar Scorpios despite being magnetically drawn to them and obsessive over them. And I wonder if itís mutual too.

Please help me out with some insight on this.. Iíve always wondered why I end up attracting and then crushing hard on these folks.

Moreover, I wanted to know if any of these propensities in my natal chart would make me Plutonian and therefore, a powerful spell caster since Pluto and 8th house favor the occult. Would that make the native good at witchcraft as well?

Thank you so much!!!
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