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LOOK at this composite chart!! Am I crazy or is this something special? YOD?

Hi friends! First time poster!

I have been dating P (lets call him) for about 5 months. I have attached our composite chart.

I mean, I think this is a beautiful chart! but being a novice, I would love to hear the thoughts of others...especially when it comes to the Yod. I am quite clueless on how to intrepret Yods.

Brief facts about us that might help: I identify as a relationship anarchist, P was raised rather traditionally, though is a deep thinker that is questioning his conditioning around relationships, especially monogamy. There is a 9 year age gap (I am older), we are both yoga teachers, energy/body workers, and very physical people. Currently, I am exploring tantric practices as well as my own somatic sexual embodiment movement practices and he's the first man I have met that I feel could go there with me.

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