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Re: Important work meeting tomorrow!

Thank you for responding. I am not familiar with vedic astrology, so this is a bit hard to decipher.

I was informed during this meeting about a major change in job responsibilities. I am not happy, but am trying to be flexible for now. There are lots of unanswered questions about my role going forward. I will most likely search for another job.

Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
hope enables take stock, share how true-insightful-helpful,

Transit asc scorpio, secretive environment;
natal-transit asc leo-scorpio friendly signs, compatible;

Sun-mer-mars-venus 2nd virgo,
you may make an impressive neutral assertive speech on the budget;
mars aspect own aries 10th protective of career;
but relationship with boss could get strained;
Aries 10th inimical for leo asc,
stress-delays in career-recognition;

virgo 10th in transit chart with mars-venus,
focus on financial operations;

natal sun-mer over analytical gemini 11th for gains;
good at information processing, business analyst;
gains from corporates, govt, social elite;
under stress with sat sag opp, impacting health etc;

natal jup-moon over inimical aries 10th,
luck-education under stress-delay,
victory amidst adversity;
conceptual leadership, advisory roles;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers tues mornings;

jup-moon-rahu impulsive aries, acting skills,vitiated judgments,
rise-fall in life; prayers for ancestors,
observe fast no-moon evenings,
observe death anniversaries religioulsy;
wear brown hessonite over pendant;
rahu 9th tending to foreign travels-pilgrimage,
settling life at 42+

Sat with separative ketu SNode 1.5yr transit cap 6th,
coping with opponents, accident prone, job separation;
sat opp natal mars, health-employment under stress-struggle;
sat opp transit moon, again emotional stress;
observe fast sat evenings;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers fri evenings;

Sat 2nd cap in transit chart, distant lands;

jup lord 9th for luck now transit sat sag 5th,
trine natal jup-moon aries 10th for career,
hope will get advisory roles/employment in public admin;
jup first house own sag in transit chart, protective;

moon-rahu NNode transit cancer 11th for foreign lands;
moon-rahu opp transit sat under emotional stress/depression;
moon lord 9th in transit chart, negating luck, fatherly support;

venus own taurus 10th, charismatic leadership; growth-riches through
arts, pharma, nutrition, dentistry, banking, hotel management;

do promptly ack, share feedbacks what finally transpired and how,
and your own plan of actions,

wishing luck from jupiter, kshantaram
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