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Re: Important work meeting tomorrow!

The sun is always in your second house at this time of year, and so are Mercury and Venus, give or take a month. That's not significant in and of itself.

In general, the mood created by so many planets packed into one sign is an emphasis on that sign. Everyone is currently feeling, in one way or another, the "buckle down and get to work, figure out all the details" energy of Virgo. Which may be what prompted you to cast this chart and look for answers.

What is significant is that, at the time you cast this chart for, the moon is void of course. Generally, a void of course moon is a time when endeavors don't come to fruition. Astrologers say it's a time to just do routine things (sounds very Virgo again!) but not anything out of the routine, not try to make something happen, until the moon changes signs.

If that means anything for this meeting, it probably means that it ends with unanswered questions, decisions not made, lingering uncertainty. Maybe another meeting will be scheduled because things can't be decided at this one. Maybe there are some details that still have to be figured out before a decision can be made. Maybe you'll be told one thing about what's going to happen going forward, and then later on you'll be told something else.
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