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Re: Transits and anxiety

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Aww whatís your phobias? With Chiron in Aries maybe your feeling like a coward and then trying to beat those feelings instead of dealing with them in a more healthier way. It makes more sense now you have mentioned the things that have happened at wirk. Your not a coward so donít take me the wrong way please. What I mean is maybe thatís how YOU feel. Itís all linked to work. The feelings have been suppressed and now all coming out.
I don't really regard myself as a coward, but I do struggle a bit with self worth which is why I stayed in a job that I should have left a long time prior, the same can be applied to relationships and other situations.

I'm sure I read, or watched something possibly Steve Judd on youtube say that people with Chiron opposite their ascendant have a fear of horses - I do find horses quite scary, but otherwise love animals.

My phobias are mostly around claustrophobia, feeling trapped not being able to breathe. My others seem to be a work in progress and develop by the day, but will not mention as probably be quite outing for me.
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