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The Pope, and his dangers

The Pope, and his dangers

Why is the pope dangerous?

He presents a lot of dangers to society. Lets be honest. Lets be playful. Let's be straight-forward.

The Pope has a midheaven in Taurus/Aries. This means all he wants to do is Control. control control

Plus Mars the ruler of the MC shows where he wants to control: In the 3rd house: In the life of libertine people. -

His 5th house is in Scorpio - so he has a very Dark mind. (5th is mind)

Pluto shows where his darkness is: In 1st house: All about himself (Retrograde powerful and all). All about his charisma and magic.

Pluto aspects Moon and Venus by wide aspect and also Uranus, so he is the master controller of most people.

His Sun is totally Positively aspected; So he is the Master child at work. (at work)

His Moon is totally negative aspected, so He's a home-boy. (Doesn't care about society)

(His Saturn is totally extremistically aspected. Hes too Traditional)

(What we have to keep in Mind with Neptune on 3 people, is that they're deceivers all-around)

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