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what is he feeling?

Well, I have been dating this men for 2 months now, we both live and work abroad and he is married (I know it's wrong). He seemed to had fallen in love with me, me too, but we had fights over the fact that he cannot offer a committed relationship to me.
He went on leave at home, and before he left he hurt me by saying that I would be free to look for the love of my life while he is away and that he would not stop me from doing so. Couple of days before he left, he seemed detached but also sad, I guess realizing that he became emotionally too involved with me, and as if he was anticipating a break up, asking me if I would still keep in touch with him. He said we were star-crossed lovers, like doomed.
Anyway, he left, and has not contacted me for 4 days now.
I know that the relationship has no future, I doubt he is ready to leave his wife, but I just want to know what he is feeling. Was this just a game for him?
I am too much hurt and not able to read this chart properly.
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