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Re: contact/reconciliation

I don’t really know how to interpret horary as this chart is my introduction to it.
From what I gather, because our signifactors are in the same sign we both are still involved more or less by spirit of the matter.

Mercury changed signs yesterday (btw, the solar eclipse was exactly conjunct our Composite 5th house Venus, next lunar eclipse/SN will conjunct the Composite Saturn - watching transits unfold like a potential soap opera).

So in the Horary, the moon’s preceding conjunction aspect was with Jupiter (his signifactor) and it’s next major aspect is a conjunction with Mercury (my significator). Separating-applying = translating, perfecting, a marker of time/when would then be considered.

The Moon is the collector of light but also it’s a co-signifactor of me in this chart. In this case of the multiplicity of the Moon, would the perfection by translation of light and nature be considered a direct act with the querent’s demand? Is a perfection in horary like a warrant (read: justified)?

In the case of “bringing the thing demanded to Perfection”, seeing the moon (translator/collector) is the Lord of the Third House, where the North node is.

I understand that the 4th house or 10th rules “answering the question” (the end of the matter). That’s where we looked to the Sun-Saturn in the 8th.

The implications of Saturn-South Node on this are pretty heavy (not surprising at all considering transits to our natals, our composite, even our inter-aspects).

I don’t know how to formulate a question about Neptune... does it have a part in the chart? Jupiter and the Moon have aspects to Neptune.

I read that questined’s significator in the 7th could possibly mean that this person doesn’t think at all about the querent - and yet other aspects here imply that’s not the whole truth (hence read instead as selfish).
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