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I had recently learned about horary charts and decided not to cast one myself after reading how sophisticated it is and not wanting to be messy with the universe. A few days later, one lands in my lap.

An astrologer cast a horary chart on my behalf when I reached out to her about a January horoscope article she wrote. I asked her which planetary aspects call for Virgo wanting to reconcile with an old love this month as I have seen this message across many platforms. I was curious whatís going on with them (Neptune-7th house, South Node/Eclipse-5th).

Aside from my general question, I briefly mentioned, ďThis summer set of eclipses catalyzed the breakup with my long term relationship with Virgo - and Iím waiting to hear from them. There was a third party involved.Ē

She took it upon herself to cast a horary chart on the situation, ď[...] I also did a horary chart and it looks as though you will hear some news about this person or they will message you. I mean, I see in the horary chart they are incredibly selfish and unreliable. They are ending a lot of relationships rn due to their behavior. And, still likes you. [...] The Moon is separating but had a translation of light and is applying to your ruler and the 4th house which is the end of the matter, is ruled by the Sun who is in the 8th house in Capricorn on the South Node, which doesnít yield good fortune. Itís more of a letting go on your end. So, the outcome may frustrate you, also, itís all in the 7th which shows they hold too much power in the outcome and over you. See, this is how it gets complicated haha. Itís a whole different branch of astrology because it has totally different rules. Also, this person is having bad financial issues and has extremely low self esteem, showed by Saturn in the 8th which is the turned 2nd house combust the Sunówherever Saturn is, thatís where these issue is. They also donít want to let go because Saturn is on the South Node. Ē

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