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I'm confused about who/what I identify with more based on my chart. Can anyone help ?

So I'm a
3rd decan scorpio sun
3rd decan pisces rising
Aries moon and saturn
Capricorn venus, neptune, and mars (stellium)
Sagittarius mercury, pluto, and Midheaven
Venus conjunct mars
Venus square saturn...
Now I find it ironic that not only my sun and ascendant are both water signs but also 3rd decans. Be that as it may, I have an abundance of capricorn energy in my chart and it's my ruler. I have majority capricorn (earth), Sagittarius, and aries (fire) in my chart and water being the very least present. I feel incredibly confused because I feel scorpio in me but pisces keeps taking over. I do feel the presence of capricorn and aries in the tendencies I have but I don't know. As far as appearance, I'm very beefy from what family and friends say but that changes everyday literally. I call myself a lazily ambitious person and an underachieving overachiever. Any insight, or relations?
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