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Re: Upcoming Eclipse

I don't see an eclipse of anything significant on a personal scale. I know many will disagree, but really, an eclipse is nothing more than a conjunction or transit (Syzygy)

The interpretation we should give to it only holds sense in the exact location the conjunction is happening as seen from earth. An eclipse does nothing for anything that is not in the shadow. The main influence should be on the Earth itself and it's locations, towns, cities to which the shadow is cast. People born on an eclipse are dealing with a sun/moon transit, albeit an occultation. But for someone living on the other end of the world, it doesn't do anything in a direct way.

On a more deep level, metaphorically even, globally, an eclipse does much more. I believe that eclipses are the instigators of new cycles. A cycle ends and a new cycle begins or repeats. They more or less set the scene, create the timespace in which events will follow. They somehow synchronize past events with future events. Like resonators. Amplifying the subconscious or decreasing the conscious energy. Resonating what we have put out and reflect or absorb it.

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