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will my girlfriend cheat or am i just paranoid?

Hey all!

i just asked a similar question on the "read my chart" forum where i posted 2 natal and 1 synastry chart. I got the advice to come post a horary chart here. basically I've been with this girl for a few months and im getting a suspicious feeling about her. i dont know if shes cheating or talking to guys behind my back, or just being dishonest with me about something( maybe the way shes feeling?). when i came to this part of my country my intent was to only stay here temporarily, but i met this girl and (as usual with me and relationships) i fell head over heals for her and started spilling out my guys to her and having deep and what i thought were meaningful conversations with her. Now i've told her that i will stay here instead of going back home like i planned. But im unsure if this is the right choice. i have such intense paranoid (which ive talked to her about many times in the healthiest way i could) and im just so afraid to get burned again by someone. i get the feeling she cares for me but is hiding something because she is afraid how i will react. what she is hiding, i do not know. maybe im just unjustly insecure and paranoid but i was wondering if any of you would care to talk a look at this chart? i don't want to falsely accuse her of anything but i also dont feel like i can properly trust her. any advice or interpretation would be much appreciated!
also as i said on the other thread, im sorry if i messed something up with the chart or posted this in the wrong place , im not very good at astrology and i literally know nothing about Horary charts

thank you for your time

do you think that this chart could indicate something bad about me? like that i am a cheater or a liar or that im overly paranoid? i try my best to be a good and honest person but honestly, i think im more than a bit emotionally damaged. sorry if im asking too many questions
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