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Red face Too many Configurations!!!

Hi, I recently read the different types of configuration that are possible. Such as Grand Trines/Squares etc. I noticed i had many different kinds.
Ok First one is the Grand Trine (water).
I have 2 Kites.(Focusing on Sun or Merc and Nep or Uranus)
It looks like i have a couple of T-Square (moon)
I have Mystic Rectangle. ( I think 1)
I have Wedges (not sure how many)
I also have a Cradle. (The outlike is Mer-Mars-Nep-Pluto and the opposition in the end the the 2 trines crossing in the middle)
I might not be right about all of them. Please let me know if im wrong.
And if they are right, I can't help but notice im swamped.
Any significance to this many configuration?
Thanks for any help.

My Chart:
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