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What is my mission in life? Bhrigu Bindu Question

Hi there,
I just discovered the concept of Bhrigu Bindu and my BB point falls in 0 degrees Libra at (13' 54.66) in the nakshatra of Chit, pada 3, Rasi Libra and Nav. of Libra.

How should this information help me understand my mission/purpose in life? It seems it would be about relationships as the BB is in Libra, but what else can I determine using the BB point and how? Also, how can I find out what planet is influencing my BB?

My 7th lord (Venus) is in the 8th house with Saturn. Also, Jupiter and Mars are placed in Cancer in my 7th house from the ascendent and Rahu in the 10th. What can I understand from this placement?

Any info or readings on interpreting the BB point would be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!
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