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Re: Obstacles to Career?

Originally Posted by byjove View Post
Hi I'm trying to understand career blockages in my life better. I think natal is the best start, perhaps, transits, progressions etc. would be useful later. But I'm really beginning to wonder why I have so much trouble and is it natal?

A few months of finishing college, I saved right away to emigrate. I did that.

18 months later, I've lost my job where I've moved to, now this country is suffering a recession. Jobs are harder to come by, I'm either over-qualified or the pay is now terrible. Job prospects are bleak here, having talked to many friends, many employers and knowing the economic status. I don't want to struggle for 6/8 months living like a pauper. Meanwhile, the economic situation at home has improved significantly.

I'm leaving this country early next week. To spread my bets, and noting that my home economy isn't huge, I'm applying for jobs in the next country too.

Is this natal? Is it transits? Is it progressions? Or just bad luck?

My interpretation

Natally, I bet there will be interest in the interception of both the ruler of my 2nd house, the Sun, and the ruler of my 6th house, Jupiter in Aries in the 10th. Having tested different house systems, I'm satisfied that these placements are correct (either in Placidus, similar or Whole Sign). I'm not convinced that explains everything.

With transits, Uranus has been conjuncting, retrograding and will direct transit over my 2nd ruler, the Sun again. Uranus... sudden interruptions and changes...that I can be more sure of than interceptions. So what, I have to let Uranus wreak havok on my income sources then hopefully I'll be on a merrier (but different path) soon? I can't see any other transits that are directly involved in what's going on.

Progressions, nothing obvious again.
This sounds more like bad timing, wrong time wrong place. Which goes back to bad intuition. Probably because you know too much (bad economy, doom and gloom news, blah blah blah...) Or you could just be in the wrong industry/trade or wrong position.

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