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Re: HELP ! Should i continue taking these medicines ?

Remember that I am an alternative health practitioner (doctor of medical science in homeopathy), so I am not all that fond (or approving) of conventional drug medicines; for me I would always tell anyone, check with an alternative health professional in all cases.

In horary delineations regarding drug medicines, we can only approximate if the astrological indications seem relatively favorable or not for the particular medicine relative to the particular individual involved; even a + horary reading does NOT mean that the drug in question is even close to being the IDEAL best remedy for the individual, such remedies USUALLY ideally being from the natural world (rather than potent prescription drugs) So please keep this important disclaimer in mind when considering horary readings regarding conventional drug medications!

Also, I repeat: if in doubt check with your doctor and if still in doubt obtain a second medical opinion regarding the drug indicated and also the dosage of the indicated drug, as well as obtaining information on any drug interactions whenever you are taking 2 or more prescription drugs.

Now, keeping the above in mind, regarding the second question (involving the other drug being taken)
-querent = 1st house = Scorpio = Mars
-medicine = 10th whole sign house = Leo = Sun
Sun flows away from Mars = - testimony
Sun flows toward the Part of Fortune = + testimony
Net = mixed, maybe drug is benefic, maybe it is disruptive
Comparing the 2 readings, the first drug is indicated as being ok, but the second drug is indicated as being questionable, for the querent; it might well be that the second drug is interacting with the first drug, resulting in net difficulties for the querent; in any case, rechecking of these drugs by the doctor (or by a second medical opinion) is definitely suggested by these horary indications.
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