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Re: HELP ! Should i continue taking these medicines ?

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
You are ruled by Saturn, Rx right at 10th house, house of medicine. Being debilitated Rx, this shows you to be unsure about the medication, change of mind and having not very good health. Medicine, Venus is trining Saturn, but with weak dignity. Venus is in detriment of Saturn, Saturn is in detriment of Venus, but there is a trine. This trine shows continued administration of medication to ease whatever health issue you may have, but the negative mutual reception shows medication to harming you as well, which is confirmed by what you say. It is affecting you, and you in turn hate this medication. The Rx aspect of Saturn shows you to perhaps having to take this medication again, after you stop.

I think if you get a second medical opinion, that would help. Or ask for another medication that has less adverse effects. The 6th ruler Mercury has just separted from Saturn, in cardinal sign, the health issue is acute, but weak, controlled by the doctor (Moon 7th ruler). Moon also rules your emotions, and it hates Venus (medication) being in Aries, where Venus is in detriment.
Thank you

I have another question but this is another medicine I am taking too by my doctor for the same health issue, this one is just once daily but I would like to know that if this medicine is giving me side affects as well or not at all ?

Now, I know that medicine is ruled by 10th house then sun is in the 8th house, not good house for the sun and in gemini, I think this medicine is also giving me more than one side effect, what do you see ?
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