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Thinking of the ex

I'm happy with my 1st degree leo with the most sparkly blue eyes, a hot body and the relationship is temperamental but entertaining somewhat, sex is dynamite and we love each other. But sometime I miss the virgo. I couldn't stop staring at her across the classroom when we at 14. Thanks to astrology now I know why. She's a virgo sun, venus scorpio and mars cap, and I'm a cap sun, venus cap and mars scorpio with a virgo moon. We were together but it was a love-fight-love-fight relationship every single day, until I was fed up with it and moved to another state for uni scholarship and get away from her. I just googled her and saw how her career is shining, lecturing at a prominent university at a very young age and is a successful researcher, just as I predicted during high school and constantly encouraged her. She is single and i still get birthday text last month from her but don't respond because I want to stay loyal to my leo and I think I might stray if i contact her and meet up. I guess my ex virgo misses me. I still care for her and wish her all the best.

Do you ever think of your ex. If so, how often?

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