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i would love to get my chart read for the upcomming year ahead

My birthday is coming up soon i would love to get my solar return chart read if someone is willing enough to. Thanks in advance!

and my guess is that it has something to do with my love life? maybe (hopefully in a good way)? because of the solar return mercury, sun conjunct solar return IC and solar return venus conjunct ASC... SR POF squares natal Venus ... SR moon trines natal venus ... SR saturn conjunct natal moon

also what does it mean if natal POF conjunct SR NN??

i understand that Pluto is a generational planet along with uranus and neptune... what happens when they conjunct?

can you explain these and explain more if you have the time?
A birth chart is a point on a line...which happen to be the time of birth...the place of birth is the intercept...the things you do in life is the integration of the line from birth to the point of now...the future is the derivation that an astrologer finds...


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