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Re: Malefic Envelope

Can I count the grand trines individually? I notice them individually I think. I think it's cool that the midpoint of Saturn trine Pluto is a singleton (conjunction) Uranus.

I've heard lots of different things about the Grand Cross. Does Cardinal Grand Cross really come with creativity as that page says? A lot of people consider a Grand Cross bad and a Grand Trine good. I almost want to consider a straight-up Grand Trine bad...
there are NO grand trines in your chart, the smaller trines are called talent triangles.

Grand Cross's cause lots of tensions and problems. I have similar that involves my Asc, so technically it's not a grand cross, BUT when anything crosses my Asc it creates a temporary Grand Cross at those times...

I have a saying for Grand Squares, "whatever will go wrong usually does!" it's like pitting yourself against the world or feeling like you are always fighting a losing battle. does this resonate?

Grand Trines are good, but can cause laziness, unless there is an oppositionn or square coming out from one planet involved...
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