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Re: Comparison of various predictive methods

Hi there,

Astroteacher has already given a substantial answer, however, I would like to add some of my own thoughts, too. While practising predictive Astrology, one must also consider the time-span for which a forecast is being worked out for. Say, if you want to know how you might fare at an upcoming conference with your colleagues, then 'transits' are the ones to look at, and not progressions or Solar Returns..On the other hand, if you are aiming at forecasting the next year in general and getting an 'overview' of it, then your Solar Return is the first best bet, which gives a sort of average/aggregate of your next solar year. For an even longer span of time, progressions are good to consider.

Another thing, 'in my opinion', is that I do not like to tag traditional Astrology better than the modern methods, as Astrology, like all other disciplines, also grows, evolves, and progresses! Again, if you are considering predictions over a longer period of time, then it is advisable to consider the likes of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (slow-moving planets), which are often non-existent in traditional Astrology (one of the reasons being that these planets were discovered by us much later, though they obviously always existed up above). Again, when I do Horary Astrology, another 'predictive' method to get an immediate answer, I stick to traditional Astrology rules basically, which is the way Horary works; though even there most Astrologers consider the outer planets (Ura, Nep & Plu), say, if they are placed at important angles, or exactly aspecting the querent or quesited in certain cases. Therefore, my suggestion is to keep your mind *open* to all kinds of Astrology practices, and take them up, one by one, for study. That's really the best way to progress with Astrology into the future.


Use them all. Prediction charts work the same way Astrology works - by testimony support. If for example a Solar Return promises us riches one year (significant riches), if we do not see this in either profections, transits nor directions, you can be fairly certain the riches will not come to pass (or the influence will be minimal). Each chart should support the predictions cast by the other chart. I normally start with Directions, then check to see if it is supported by the Solar Return then Profections and then finally check the Transits for a more accurate timing of the event. If there are no particular directions for a certian year, I start with the Solar Return. All of these predictive methods are for practical (material) purposes. You gain a better understanding of these from traditional Astrology than Modern (which typically focused on psychological aspects of Astrology instead of material). Its also imperative when using predictions to check out the Nativity and what is promised by it. For if you have transits, directions AND solar returns that promise money and financial success but a Nativity that doesnt, you can expect all these predictive promises to be minimal, for the Nativity trumps any predictive chart.
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