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Re: Horoscope

I think I might sometimes discuss what I see in the chart without talking about astrology.

Here, on the forum, I talk astrology because it's a place to learn astrology.

Mars doesn't do bad things to me. But my anger, or impetuosity, or impatience, or ego and arrogance do.

So if I use those ideas, rather than saying "Mars", it is more constructive, more helpful.

If we face and deal with reality, with what IS, there is no "good" or "bad". There simply "is". My dogs taught me that, and they lived with a good deal of wisdom.

The Buddha set off on his quest for enlightenment because he saw that all of mankind, great and small, suffer.

To say a chart is "good" [meaning it promises relative ease, pleasure, accomplishment or whichever values you see as "good"] ignores the universal of human suffering, addresses the superficial (which is important, or can be).

A turd is Heaven to a scarab, but filth to a human. Life depends on perspective.

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