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Re: Horoscope

Where did you find these astrologers? Chat sites? Discussion boards? Psychic hotlines? Or did you do a full sit down consultation with one or more professional astrologers?

I'm guessing it was something less than a full sit down consultation, because "you have a good horoscope" doesn't sound like anything a competent professional astrologer would say.Even using the word "horoscope" in a consultation doesn't make sense. I would never say that to a client. Instead, I would be talking about their chart--not horoscope, that sounds like just schlocky newspaper columns--and I wouldn't vaguely say, "Yours is good." It would be about what exactly I'm seeing in the chart, in relation to whatever the client is asking.

If you have had a professional consultation with an astrologer and you still don't understand why they said what they said, then they haven't done their job. A good astrologer would tell you why they're saying what they say about your chart, and do their best to make it understandable to you.
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