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Re: married life

This year and this few months have been not good for you in relationship. To boldly speak the truth, I do not see you get married. You have good mind, creativity, intelligence but you limit yourself. You hold everything inside for too long, it's time to release the barrier you created for yourself. Last year, things about to get better but stress dragged you down again!
This year is so coming along with last year, so you are in total mental challenges. You have to build yourself back up, but it will take time until next year.
Even though I read things above but they all answered your questions about marriage, relationships with others. I see that you are inward person and not good with social interactions. You are also a lone wolf.
Next year is positive and happy for you, but you have got to stand up and fix problems this year for the next 4 months!
I will say past event for you to double check my reading: 2017 had been tough for your health or otherwise mental challenges.
Good lucks!
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