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Smile Re: When will I be out of debt?

Hello Zappy!

Thank you so much for looking at my chart, I'm really grateful people are devoting their time to help me with my issue.

I would like to ask some questions as I'm still a beginner in vedic astrology.

You say I'm currently under Moon Mahadasha Sun Bhukti. Does Bhukti mean the same as Antradasha? Because according to my chart and the reports I got I'm currently under Venus Antardasha (until the end of December of 2016). Sun's Antardasha would begin on December 26th and lasts until June 26th 2017.

Right now (according to my list) I'm in the Moon-Venus-Mercury period. Ketu sub-sub period will start November 21st 2016.

I'm trying to understand if and why my information is different from yours and I'd be glad if you could help me :-)

Regarding the amount of debt: Yes, you're correct, it is not a small amount.
However, there will be an out-of-court legal agreement possibility where part of the debt would be waived. I would need to pay a certain amount all at once and maybe a smaller amount monthly in addition to that. If you look at the chart do you say anything about a legal agreement on this? Will I win the agreement?

Then it's absolutely possible that I've paid that amount by 2021.

I know that I have a Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga in my chart for my debilitated Jupiter in the 8th. That lord Saturn is sitting in the 6th. Astrologers in the past explained to me that that means success over enemies and a positive outcome after initial struggle and problems. Maybe that plays a role in all of this?! Because ever since Ashtama Shani started things have gotten very difficult...

Thank you so much for all of your help! I'm learning a lot :-)
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