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Help! I need direction...

[SIZE="4"]Hi folks,

This is only my first post other than an introduction posted a few weeks back.

Can anyone here help? I'm really struggling to understand my soul/life purpose, I feel lost and floundering.

I've been trying to understand my chart since I started looking into astrology perhaps about five years ago.

I look at my chart all the time but I just don't know how to put all the pieces together.

Can anyone here see what would be a perfect (late in life) career/day job, which will bring me a comfortable income (which I've never had), which is in line with my soul's purpose.

I'm currently a full time carer to my disabled partner, I'm totally reliant on basic government benefits, (hopefully I won't always be a carer, as there's a long painful back story...).

But I'm desperate to know about my souls purpose for this difficult lifetime I seem to have chosen.

I'm feeling a huge pull in my gut to act, but the big problem is I'm already 48, I have no higher education, no savings, I lack self confidence and feel that time, opportunity and energy is slipping away from me.

I have great ideas, but I'm totally scared of making the wrong decision, wasting valuable time and my very limited resources, especially as I'll be at least 50 before I could even save enough money to pay for potential courses or start my own business.

I could share with you what I've dreamt of doing for decades, but I'm unsure if it is in alignment to my purpose here in this lifetime, or I could just wait and see what people suggest and see if my ideas do actually tally with what people see in my chart.

I don't think I have an intuitive bone in my body to help guide me, I feel like I've been going around in never ending circles for years, I've felt blocked at every turn for the last twenty/thirty years (perhaps this is just my Capricorn Ascendant/or karmic lesson)... I feel sooooooo stuck 😟

Also, if anyone can see any past lives or what karma I need to work on, I think that could help me unblock/move forward too, (I have one idea about a karmic thing in my chart but again, I'm not certain).

I really appreciate any help this community can offer me.

Thank you.... 🦋

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