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Re: since time immemorial MERCURY is the ruler of astrology and astrologers

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Probably because of the amount of knowledge involved
and the intellectual capacities needed to understand and work with magick.
But I do not know if Mercury can be called a ruler of both astrology and all forms of magick.
To me a ruler is someone who can give the results
or deny them, can a trickster god
be a ruler for a serious study of astrology or magick?
as defined by some - magick is a form of illusion
western astrology is considered "fairground entertainment"

'.... Mercurys effects go in many directions
depending on the changes of the zodia
and the interactions of the stars
and yields quite varied results...
as for the end result
Mercury will make everything capricious in outcome
and quite disturbed....' Vettius Valens THE ANTHOLOGY

CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM Dorotheus of Sidon Book One
translated by David Pingree

CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM Dorotheus of Sidon Book Two
translated by David Pingree

CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM Dorotheus of Sidon Book Three
translated by David Pingree
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